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Custom Banner Pole

Connecticut Custom Banner Pole Fabrication

We fabricate custom banner poles made out of aluminum.Why get a banner pole? Walking traffic usually can not see your sign walking down the street unless your looking right at the store which usually is not the case for pedestrian traffic. A banner pole will stick off your building and pedestrian traffic will be able to see your advertisement.

Typical Sizes

1) 2 3/8 diameter pole welded to a 1/2 thick plate which gets drilled out pole goes through the plate and gets welded on both sides for extra security.

Why choose our poles ?

1)All Aluminum. Most poles are made out of steel which weighs alot more and more of a liability as compared to aluminum since its so much lighter.

2) No maintenance. Do not have to worry about rust and if its a bare sanded finish never have to worry about paint fading

3)We don’t just weld the pole to the plate. We drill out a hole in the plate the size of the pole , slide the pole through to the other end and then weld front and back for extra  security.

Usually we leave this with a bare aluminum sanded finish for the “industrial” look.No maintenance involved.

We can also paint or powder coat to any color you like.

Other pictures of jobs we have done


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