Stamford Flagpole Repair

Need a new flagpole? Dont know where to start?

We supply and install aluminum flagpoles starting from 20′ – 80′ . After 80′ we would use a steel flagpole.

Things you should know about flagpoles:

  1. butt diameter – flagpoles come in different butt diameter. Typically a 20′ pole will start with a 5″ butt diameter.
  2. wall thickness – thickness of the wall of the pole. they start from .125 and next size up would be a .156 , then a .188 then a .250 and finally a .312 which is very rarely used
  3. rope system -There are (3) rope systems. External halyard is most common and that is when the rope is on the outside of the flagpole. Then the second system is an internal halyard using a regular rope. The third system is an internal halyard that uses a stainless steel cable which you would crank up and down using a handle which goes into the pole.

Once you have your flagpole figured out then for installation we would come down and dig a hole.When the hole is not being dug by hand 811 is to be called. It is a free service that is provided to make sure there are not accidents from equipment damaging lines below the ground like power , telephone , internet , sprinklers , gas lines etc. Typically up to a 40′ is dug by hand . We dig the hole , mix concrete and set the sleeve in concrete. On smaller poles we can weld steel into the ground to hold it in place so we can erect the pole. On bigger poles we would wait 2-3 days for the concrete to cure before we erect the pole.

For the base of the pole we typically use a form to make a pad that is even with grade so when the lawn is cut you do not need an edger.